Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's pink!

Yes, I got a new computer... and it's pink!

I feel spoiled with this new laptop with a 17" screen and tons of memory as well as a DVD player with BluRay and all sorts of other bells and whistles. In fact, the screen is so big that there's room for a ten-key pad next to the keyboard. Heh. A joy for us accountant-types. And it's pink!

I also love the fact that I finally have a laptop I can take with me and have more than just a half hour of battery charge (poor old laptop). Which is why I can blog from the basement of the theatre (I'm tending bar tonight and have some time to do this) and I hope this means I can blog more often. And I love having all those things my obsolete old computer didn't have (5 USB ports! CD-burning capabilities! Speed!).

The only drawback is the the size makes it difficult to find cases for it. But that's what I get for having all this screen!

And did I mention... it's pink!