Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Useless research

I've stumbled across some odd, useless and obvious "studies" done in the name of serious science, but I've finally found one that is obvious as well as apt!

Now I know my profession has a less-than-exciting reputation, but I have never felt the need to justify it. Heck, I can easily get a job almost anywhere. But it's funny how so many accountants get defensive about the work they do.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales provided a robust defence of its members.

A spokesman said: "The area of tax accountancy is anything but dull. Our members get to work in all sectors of the economy, including small businesses and the media and entertainment industries.

"Many of our members lead varied and interesting lives, taking part in activities such as trekking around the Alps for charity and being involved in local community projects, such as working in deprived areas. "

Some of them can even write...

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Pyro said...

There's hope for me, then... a boring former stockbroker, sometimes pyrotechnician slash Renaissance Faire vendor slash Sci Fi Convention vendor slash anime freak slash writers group moderator and sometimes published author / unintimidated blogger and political ranter. I can actually take this boring life and become an AUTHOR! YAY! *grins*