Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I am not sure how some of these literary bloggers read as much as they do and how they can afford to get books when they come out in hardback, but I do envy their apparently copious amounts of time to read. I read quickly, but I have to steal time by reading in line at the bank or waiting for kids while they're in some activity. It cuts into my social life, but I try to read every chance I get.

I just finished a couple books and will get back to you with some thoughts on them this weekend. I am still unpacking books to put in my new "library" and I'm amazed at what a bibliophile I am. It looks like a used book store.

I can't wait to be surrounded by my books and my music.

In the meantime, I have vowed to get through a good portion of my "to be read" stack of books before I buy any more. I just need several days of uninterrupted time...


Anonymous said...

I have tried the other side of the looking glass. Trying to write a novel. Started 28 December and now havwe 17,654 words. Its more than writing that is exciting but the mood swings writing takes you. My name now Gardenmouse as I changed my old skin like a snake. I have poems and short stories at tintota.
I wonder if any of this ramblings will ever see light of day.
Take care and keep reading. In time my novel maybe the only book you have not read.

Gary said...

"Several days of uninterrupted time" aha

Oh the joy, the beauty, the anticipation of unfilled secret dreams. To read or not to read, that is the question. I admire your tenacity in applying yourself to your undying quest. Go well into the night, fair maiden!