Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Update on Becket

It was a wonderfully successful run. Thanks to everyone who came to see it!

The company photographer managed to capture one picture of me doing what I did best in this show: tying down blinds.

Above is a pic of the set (which was cool with the industrial look of scaffolding and metal blinds). I was the one behind the blinds raising them and lowering them. I still have callouses on my fingers from those ropes.

I will be happy if I never have to raise or lower a blind again.

Or light a candle.

But it was memorable and I miss the cast and crew.

Thanks to all!

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Diane said...

It's always hard when those sorts of projects come to an end. You become so close with that group of people and suddenly you're no longer hanging out with them every waking/spare moment. Ah well, take a deep breath and carry on!