Thursday, February 25, 2010

February attitude

In January I felt the winter blues set in as they always do. No matter what I do to try to avoid it or postpone it. January sets in like cold concrete poured slowly over the soul. You just wait for the thugs to toss you in February’s river to await spring.

Like so much in life, it’s a cycle. Sadness, that is.

I find myself, lately, wedging on my positive attitude with a mental shoe horn. It doesn’t go on easily or comfortably, but, somehow, by the end of the day, it fits. And I hardly notice things are any different.

I have noticed occasionally that my outlook on life gets dreary. And I struggle to figure out why. In the end I just put on my smile and, well, it sticks!

Someone (I think it was my mother) told me once that, “If you THINK you’re happy, you ARE happy.”

And so it is.

Thanks Mom.