Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I never should have put a stat counter on this site. I see just how much it doesn't get read. And I get no feedback unless I prod and bully my friends. Is this normal? Is this a problem with a lot of people? Is there so much out there that what I do gets lost in the noise? Do all the well-written literary blogs offer enough that I don't make a dent?

I don't get feedback, so I have no idea if the few people who read this even like it.

And all the good literary blogs link to each other. And all the really interesting news I stumble across is already yesterday's news. Is it a conspiracy? Someone stop me before I get paranoid!

Okay. I got that off my chest. Whew. Go back to your lives...

In some news that's actually worth mentioning: poetry can save your life. Or at least it can in novels. Are there actual instances of this, I wonder?

And in baseball news... Johnny Damon reads and writes, too. Heh.

And a short poetry interlude... brought to you by Samuel Menashe. Lovely.

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Hooper said...

Hey now....
Bullied is such a harsh term. Objectively persuaded perhaps, but never bullied.