Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Some aimless thoughts...

Just a few random mentions:

  • This morning, I heard an interview with Nick Hornby where he mentioned his regular column, "Stuff I've Been Reading," in the The Believer. From what I've perused on the website, it makes me want to subscribe. (Though, frankly, not what I've read in Hornby's column...)
  • And here's an interesting article on baseball and astrology. Nice to know that Libras make up more Pulitzer and Nobel prize-winning writers than any other sign. (Note: I found this article when I Googled, misspelling Hornby's name, "Hornsby Believer Column" Heh.)
  • Whoa. A book of poetry wins book of the year?? Cool.
  • And I'm sure some people close to me will wonder if it's possible to shut down certain parts of my brain...

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