Friday, November 11, 2005

Just when I think maybe we've grown up a bit...


Now Dean Koontz is getting called to the carpet for racism. Seems he's been telling a story about letters he wrote to a Japanese businessman that included a lot of racist-sounding remarks. What really annoys me is his assertion that, "there's some political incorrectness in it, but nothing mean". Sheesh. And apparently, he's been telling this story for years!

You'd think a best-selling author would know that there are so many less controversial ways of being funny. Or maybe not.


peace092677 said...

I had a belief education and culture do refine people, apparently NOT. I guess it's all upto a particular individual

What a baloney! and a best selling author to top it

James said...

I think humor like that all depends on if it's clear whether the person making the potentially offensive jokes is being mean-spirited about it, or making fun what others do. Using those letters as a form of "attention-getting response" qualifies as mean-spirited in my opinion. If he's such a great writer, he should be able to write a letter that can make his "George Carlin-esque" writing humorous and satirical, as opposed to just rude and offensive.

Verdict: ethnocentric jackass.