Thursday, October 20, 2005

New gadget!

I'm not usually much for gadgets, but I recently received an iPod nano for my birthday. (Yes, it wasn't long ago.)

Heh. No wonder the Apple users are such fanatics. This gadget is easy to use and great for my walks and workouts. Plus, I get the added benefit of seeing people eye it with envy. (I want an Apple computer, too, but that will be years away...)

I've already loaded 117 songs on the thing, and am deciding what part of my large CD collection I want to add. Heh. It seems I can never have too much Steely Dan.



peace092677 said...

i-pod rocks! got one myself

Mitchell said...

Times are hard. You're afriad to pay the fee, so you find yourself somebody who will do the job of free.
what else more do we share in common?

PyroJack said...

Sadly, though, technology is turning us all into a race of isolationists where we can no longer practice the art of verbal intercourse. So many kids today don't know how to open up a conversation because all their time is spent hiding beneath earbuds or behind computers. Let's bring back the Luddites!!!! *grins*