Monday, April 07, 2008

A sonnet for Monday

Monday seems like a good day for sonnets. Here's an old one I wrote when I finally figured out what I was doing.

Besides, we can all use a little romance on Mondays.

Simile for Your Kiss

The full moon took its time, and then my breath
Away as I saw clouds reveal its light;
Then gave me pause as when our lips first met.
I gasped in recognition -- pure delight.

Remembering your kiss, your touch -- that smile
Stopped my anguish at a moment’s crest
As liquid silver was my truth. And while
I memorize your touch upon my breast.

And, stopping me with white, the water mist
Reflects the singing moon as tarnished fire.
Just where my breath had paused before your kiss –
That same soul-filling memory of desire.

Mixing milk then bronze into the vial
The moon is metaphor still in your smile.

26 Sep 2002

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