Sunday, April 20, 2008

still more verse

Some more sensual verse. I love it when writing turns out to express things just the way you want. In this case, I wanted to be appropriately subtle and evasive.

elements of nearness

pour yourself
into my lovescape

while I intone the vowels
of your secret name

let me spread
my verisimilitude
to your soul’s scrutiny
and smoother than cello

your sibilance
and I’ll exhale
after corrugated favor

I have capacity
beyond your shadow’s glint
so tap into

isabelline implications

no one is looking

touch warm
start ruffling the silences
that can’t be pulled
from your tongue’s softness

reach into
the crook of my comfort

nestle in
rapturous silver
meant for taste

your voice tickling
deeper than oboe

your eyes
striking ripples
in lost-teen-angst yesterdays


hoping to
into the midnight
of your eye-crinkling smile

I know your touch
at stocking’s edge

write, I say...
just write

don’t think
of my aphorisms
only let me fetch
one more constellation
from icy silence

awaken to my

juniper pleadings

and inspire the

piquant spice-green
courage hidden

yes... right there

27 Nov 2003

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