Wednesday, October 23, 2013

London: Day 5

Oct 17 - Tried the little washing/drying machine last night.  I dislike the scent of the detergent, but choices here aren't like the US.  And the dryer is iffy.  But it's nice to have it here.

Took the tube to the Tower.  I got confused because I was reading tourist stuff and the wrong station stuck in my head. Heh.  But two changes later, I was on the right tube.

The Tower tour was fun! The weather was bright and sunny and the Beefeater who guided the tour (Chris) was funny and informative. Saw the Crown jewels (ostentatious!!) and wandered the grounds. Did you know there are wire sculptures of monkeys on the Tower grounds? The only answer I got about them was that they were in tribute to the menageries that royalty used to keep on the grounds.

I walked to the Tower bridge and took that tour, too.  Interesting, but dry.

After wandering streets and a sandwich at a nice italian coffee shop, I went to the Design Museum.  Small, but really cool.  One of the exhibits had a lady actually working, making stuff with a 3-D printer and other cool gadgets. Bought cool gifts.

After the museum, I sat by the Thames and watched boats for a long while. Then I walked around that area of London, getting pleasantly lost and caught in a downpour. Of course I forgot my umbrella, but I sat it out under construction scaffolding in a narrow residential area and then made my way to the Borough Market.  Wow. A foodie paradise!

I got Bill some Assam tea. Had a cup of fresh Darjeeling Tea (First Flush) and bought exotic cheeses. SO many cheeses!! I got truffled Sussex Brie, Mayfield (a sweet, nutty cheese) and an Italian Ubriasco (?) de Prosecco that they let me try first - so damn good! So creamy and amazing…

I also bought a cherry Lambic from a beer stall. The guy selling it assured me that it was great. I'll let you know.

After topping off my tea water (the delightful Indian guy selling it said to keep using the leaves), I walked back to the tube and took it back to my hotel.

It was early and the weather pleasant, so I took my phone and took a walk to see if I could find the Adelphi Hotel for Mary.  Supposedly close by.

I walked a lot, but couldn't find it, so I walked back and had a pint at the Blackbird (I'm thinking of it as my local pub). There I chatted with much difficulty with a Finnish man who was having a pint.  His English was really poor, but he was so nice. Most of his traveling companions, including his wife, had come down with food poisoning.  Poor guy.

I am now back at the room and ready to tackle that amazing cheese and Lambic.

Tired and happy.

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