Wednesday, October 23, 2013

London: Day 6

Oct 18- So tired today. I thought the British Museum would be a good idea, so I took the tube there and walked around until I finally found the entrance (BIG place!) and it turned out they had power problems and weren't open until, at the earliest, 1:00PM. I decided to head back to Kensington and try the V & A (Victoria and Albert) Museum. I bought tickets to the three paid exhibitions.

The first exhibition was Memory Palace. Cool concept by writer Hari Kunzru. It's a post-Apocalyptic piece of fiction he created with installations by 20 artists, so it was a walk-in book of sorts. Very cool and engaging.

The second exhibition was Club to Catwalk, which was a look at 80's fashion in Britain. Cool avant-garde stuff a la Boy George, Adam Ant, Goth, Bowie, etc.

The third exhibition
was Pearls. It was a cool look at pearls from pearl-diving through ancient jewelry, royal jewels, to cultured pearls and new jewelry art.

I ate a great sandwich and salads and a pot of tea at the museum cafe and decided the free exhibitions could wait until another day. It's a huge place!

I walked around Kensington until I stumbled upon Harrod's department store.  Holy cow! So posh, I could feel my bank account draining as I wandered around.

I escaped after I could take no more avant-garde fashion, gaudy crystal chandeliers, and high-priced chocolates.

Walked back to the underground and came back to my room.  Went for a pint at the Blackbird, then decided to call it a night.

By the way, the Lambic and the cheeses were excellent!

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