Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My trip to London. Day 1-ish, Oct 13

Okay. I've kept a sort of small diary of this trip. I read through some of my stuff and decided to post it here, too.

I know no one really reads my blog, but here it is. It's out there now. Heh.

Oct 13 - Landed in London at around 1:00 pm London time.  The immigration line was long, but it went fast. The man who checked my passport grilled me about what I'd be doing in London for two weeks.  Since I didn't quite know myself, I nervously explained my tourist intentions. He was kind, but stern. Asked me for names of anyone I'd be meeting. Yikes.

The shuttle ride to the hotel was interesting.  After a short traffic jam, the shuttle driver joked with all of us about trying to find my hotel and saying I could sleep on his couch if he couldn't find it.  The hotel is in Kensington and set amidst the residential houses of Barkston Gardens.  It looks like a house, but it is, indeed a hotel of sorts. Presidential Apartments are advertised as "serviced apartments" and they are, kinda.  My room has a tiny dishwasher, washer/dryer combo, cooker (oven), stove, microwave, and fridge. The bathroom is small, but the tub is huge. It has a comfy bed and a flat-screen TV.  I get breakfast delivered every morning at 7:00.

I walked the neighborhood and found I'm less than a block from a Marks and Spencer food store, and a block from the Earl's Court Underground station.  Easy access to everything!

Went and bought a salad with greens and beets, a chunk of Port Salut cheese, a small baguette, and a bottle of french pinot noir.  Yum.

Went to bed at 9-ish and slept on and off through the night.  Jet lag sucks.

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